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Professional “con artists” are experts at targeting vulnerable people.  Too often their victims are the elderly, those living alone, those with memory issues or physical handicaps.  Con artists roam the isles of your local supermarket or stake out the parking lots at shopping centers.  They can see the frailty factor of their intended target a mile away!

Con artists attend Alzheimer’s support groups and other events for the elderly, lonely, infirmed and their caregivers.  They read the obituaries attend the wake of a senior’s spouse they do not know; introducing themselves and extending offers of assistance which they will later follow up.

Often, the targeted person:  your mother, father, aunt or uncle, cannot see or sense that they are being target or victimized.  Cons steal valuables, take money by deception or extortion, and threaten their victims with bodily harm if they go to authorities.

Children of senior parents often feel helpless to protect their parents from these predators.  Frequently, local police will not pursue the culprits, choosing to merely warn the elderly person to “be careful of strangers.”

Digicop offers a comprehensive range of investigative services to protect our seniors.  Background checks for caregivers or new-found close friends often reveals hidden dangers.

Lonely people often “take-in” friendly people just for companionship or someone to drive them to complete essential duties like shopping or medical appointments.  Anyone who is NOT a family member (and often some who are) should be screened to verify that their motives are noble and they have no history of elder abuse, fraud or theft.

Most States have “elder abuse” laws that criminalize many acts against seniors.  To receive the full protection of these laws, you benefit from private investigative evidence to present to police.  The more proof you offer them, the faster they will get involved, arrest perpetrators and prosecute.  This is where our Specialized Senior Services are most valuable in protecting your loved ones.

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