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Suspect infidelity?

Unfortunately, if you suspect there might be a fidelity problem in your relationship — you just might be right.

Experts on marital problems and affairs say that your instinct seems to be the best indicator of an affair.

Studies confirm that 85% of women and 50% of men who suspected their partner was cheating were ultimately shown to be correct.

But…”instincts” are not infallible. If your suspicions, fears or instincts are mistaken, that error can be physically, financially, emotionally and legally costly.

And, if you have children, they deserve to be protected from the stress of those “doubts” in your household.

Frankly, Digicop doesn’t enjoy this type of investigative case. However, because of our extraordinary surveillance, counter-surveillance and electronic investigative skills — we believe nobody can do it better than Digicop can.

The longer you wait to resolve your instincts and suspicions, the harder the matter becomes and the more painful its resolution.

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If your partner is having an affair, you may notice the following changes:


Grooming habits may suddenly change when someone may be contemplating or pursuing an affair — or even after the affair is history.

Most marital problem experts state that a partner changes grooming habits to attract a new partner.

Or…if they’re currently involved in an extramarital affair, they may change and maintain their grooming habits to keep the relationship going.

And finally…after the affair is over…the partner may change their grooming habits to disguise that anything took place!

Time Accountability

Suspicion often starts when a partner demonstrates irregularity in accounting for time.

They begin to show up late, make up excuses about why they have to leave, why they’re changing their schedules around, etc. They come up with “quick trips” or have time gaps that can’t be easily explained. The mileage on their vehicles jumps and shows unexpected and unexplained “short trips.”

Digicop has extraordinary expertise in technical surveillance including personal and vehicular tracking. While there are many legal considerations to be handled, our team of investigators are truly experts.

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Hangin’ Out

“Hangin’ out” with the boys or girls isn’t an automatic indication of infidelity. However, being sensitive about normal inquiries regarding where or with whom their hanging out takes place — and an irritable response to normal questions — are sometimes an indicator.

The cultural differences in this matter are very broad. Experts indicate, however, that “hanging out” is the incubator of infidelity. Consider accountability prudent and reasonable, if equally applied to both parties.

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Your partner’s sex life often is the earliest sign of infidelity. The “Cheater” may manifest sudden and unexplained changes in their sexual behavior (i.e. more sex, less sex) as well as unexplained sexual requests.

It’s important to remember that alcohol and drug abuse can also effect a person’s sexual attitudes and performance, so monitoring these matters of abuse can be important, too.

Often an increased appetite for pornographic or erotic materials is an indicator that sexual attitudes are shifting. Determining the reason for these changes is important and often complicated.

Our technical and forensic investigative team can provide you outstanding assistance in the assessment and investigations of sexual evidence indicating infidelity.

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Irritability and insensitivity are often the first evidence of mood-swings indicative of infidelity.

Aggressive language — even threats — show stresses in a relationship that may signal fidelity issues. New or unexplained shifts in “moods” deserve your investigation. Care should be taken to protect you from possible violence as the stress increases.


Totally faithful partners can object to you “showing up” at their place of business. This is not the way to establish infidelity.

If an affair is with a co-worker, the last thing the cheater wants is to have their partner showing up at work.

Likewise, showing up unannounced at work can create employment complications even when nothing improper is going on.

They may act distant or distracted if others are around, especially if the person they’re cheating with is around.

Affairs seldom are confined to the workplace. Our investigators know how to work inside and outside the office or factory.

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Secretive Signs

You may notice passwords have been added to a partner’s cell phones or computers when your partner has never had them before. Perhaps you’ve seen them logging off the Internet or hanging up the phone as soon as you walk in the door. Not answering incoming calls while you are present is another red flag.

Our team of technical, forensic and surveillance investigators can help you KNOW what’s really going on and if it indicates infidelity.

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