Missing Persons Investigations

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Missing Persons Investigations

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Missing Persons Investigations.

Digicop realizes there are many types of “missing persons” investigations.  Every case has unique circumstances.  Every case has a unique desired outcome.  No matter what type of case you have, or the outcome you desire, we can assist you with prompt, professional and confidential investigative services.

Senior Investigations

Sadly, we admit that in recent years the number of “Silver Alert” cases has skyrocketed.  The key to improving the outcome of these cases is FAST DETECTION and a QUICK RESPONSE.

It is absolutely imperative that your investigations to locate your loved one is launched IMMEDIATELY.  For this reason, unlike many investigative “companies” who switch off their phones and go to sleep… Digicop provides 24-hour a day access to our on-call staff.

Your first response is your local police.  However, there are certain things public safety agencies do not do for a variety of reasons or excuses.  But you MUST notify the police – to activate the SILVER ALERT network in your State.

Family members suffering from memory issues can become a “wanderer” without notice.  Once it happens, it likely presents an increasing problem as time goes on.

Digicop is unique in that we have technology specialists that can provide you numerous protective options for your loved one to PREVENT wandering, or, to LOCATE them if they circumvent your best efforts to protect them.

Some wanderers do not realize they are unsafe to operate a motor vehicle, and they attempt or succeed at driving.  The dangers in driving can be catastrophic not only to the person, but to unsuspecting pedestrians and motorists sharing the public thoroughfare with them.

Again, Digicop has assistance for you.  We use the latest technology to “protect and locate” your loved ones when these tragic situations arise.

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Relationship "Disappearance"

There are millions of happy, wholesome relationships.  Conversely, there are millions of stressful, unwholesome relationships that manifest a variety of problems.

A common reason for the “disappearance” of a relationship partner involves some form of fraud.

Fraud can have criminal or civil consequences.  However, to produce the evidence needed, it begins with locating the missing person(s).

Digicop has extraordinary experience and expertise in missing persons investigations.  We are thorough, creative, technical and work quickly on your case.

There are many “red flags” that signal a potential disappearing act in relationships.  Sometimes, you can learn details BEFORE the person escapes, allowing you to handle the issues in the way that protects you best.

We have provided a confidential form below for you to contact us for a FREE consultation.  Whether you are seeking to locate a person who has disappeared, or you fear may disappear.

Prevention is always better than cure.

Person Searches

There are many reasons you may need to locate people.  They may be known to you or they may be absolute strangers.

Here are just a few reasons:

  • Witnesses to an accident in which you were involved.
  • Employee “flight” to avoid issues with the company or the theft of intellectual or real property or money.
  • Alive or Dead status confirmation for insurance or marital status purposes.
  • To escape domestic abuse by a parent(s)/guardian(s)/sibling(s)/spouse.
  • Leaving home to live somewhere else under a new identity.
  • Suicide in remote location or under an assumed name to spare families pain.
  • Mental illness or drug addiction
  • Debtor in default.
  • Estate processing.
  • To avoid discovery of a crime or apprehension by law-enforcement authorities.
  • Joining a cult or other religious organization that requires no contact to the outside world.

No matter what the reason for wanting to locate a ‘missing person,’ Digicop can investigate for you.

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Child Custody

Parental abductions occur daily.  Frequently, they are resolved quickly when the consequences of their behavior sinks in.  In other cases, these abductions can go unresolved for years.

In parental abductions there are multiple “missing persons” and different forces bearing on their location.  When the abduction is determined a criminal matter, the police networks are looking for the abductor and the child/hostage.

Often the abductor realizes their criminal status and are motivated to go into “deeper cover.”  The longer the persons are missing, the more difficult they are to locate and the greater the danger to the child/hostage.

You can consult with our professional investigators by using the form below.  The consultation is FREE and totally confidential.

Life or Death determinations

The status of persons who disappear can be important to families, children, employers and others who need proof that the missing person is alive or dead.  Digicop is available to assist you if you need investigative services for this category of missing persons case.

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