Insurance Investigations

Investigating claims against your company or your Worker’s Compensation policy

Insurance Investigations

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Insurance Investigations.

Digicop has the experience and resources necessary to bring every insurance and fraud investigation to a successful conclusion.

Insurance Investigations

The cost of your company’s insurance gets higher every time a claim is paid against you. The cost of proper insurance is simply more than many companies can afford – so they are UNINSURED!

For decades, insurance companies have dealt with countless cases of insurance fraud, which have cost the industry many billions of dollars. Their investigators form opinions and findings that are frequently NOT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE. So, in large claims, you need your own Professional Private Investigator. Count on Digicop !

Worker’s Compensation

Digicop Is your professional resource to ferret out employees trying to defraud your Workers’ Compensation” program. Our team has great success in finding and documenting fraud to PROTECT YOU!

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Auto Liability

No matter if a personal or business vehicle is involved in an accident, the potential for significant fraud and even criminal fraud exists.

Thousands of criminal con people claim or stage bogus accidents and insurance claims.

Digicop has the finest professional investigators to determine the facts in every case. Get started with our FRFEE consultation below.

Asset Searches

Hiding assets is not only the game of the rich. However, the more assets involved in any dispute, the greater the likelihood some fraud or hiding of assets will occur.

Does your claim or financial judgment have a cash value? We can perform various types of asset searches. We document liabilities that might offset the assets. Our investigations can provide our clients with the evidence they need to resolve asset-dependent cases.

Activity Verification

By conducting an activity verifications, our investigators can acquire a description of your claimant’s residence, a description of the surroundings, and will have prepared information for future surveillance efforts, if needed. A discreet neighborhood canvas will also be used to obtain information. We also cross reference different investigative databases and resources to get you the information you deserve.

Hospital / Pharmacy / Clinic Canvass

Digicop conducts an investigation in proximity of a subject’s current and prior residences to determine if the subject received – or is receiving – medical treatment in a hospital, clinic, or diagnostic imaging facility. Further, Digicop can determine if a subject obtained, or is obtaining, prescription medication from any pharmacies in the subject’s local area.

*These searches may require a HIPPA-compliant release.

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What will my insurance investigation include?

Your report will contain the information that is available to us – based on your needs.

Based on the type of investigation that is conducted, the report will include surveillance times, investigation summaries, and all of our findings. The report will be finalized and approved by our case managers. The report can then be turned over to you or whomever you designate. Our assigned investigator will be available for interviews, depositions and court testimonies – should the occasion arise.

If you are looking for particular information, our team will include this in your finalized report. This can range from: Recorded statement summaries, residential and neighborhood canvass, witness interviews, subject images, and database results.

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