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Electronic Surveillance & Countermeasures

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Conducting electronic surveillance is a delicate issue. Title III of the U.S. Code defines what is legal and what is ILLEGAL. Violations can result in criminal penalties up to 5 years in Federal Prison and $250,000 in fines “for each infraction” – with each DAY of illegal surveillance being considered a separate infraction!

The Director of the Digicop Electronic Surveillance & Countermeasures Group is a globally distinguished expert in this field. His credentials include:

  • Served on the faculty of the National Intelligence Academy.
  • Served as a classified technical consultant to the U.S. Senate Select Committee investigating the infamous “Watergate incident.”
  • Was appointed as an author of the “National State-of-the-art Study” of the President’s Commission for the “Review of Federal and State Laws Relating to Wiretapping and Electronic Surveillance” following this national scandal.
  • Has lectured and taught on these subjects in more than 20 countries.

His expertise covers the lawful use of “offensive surveillance” as well as defensive “electronic countermeasures sweeps” to detect active “wiretapping” of every type.

No Private Investigative Agency in the United States can offer you greater electronic surveillance & countermeasures services than Digicop .

If you feel that your PRIVACY is being VIOLATED in any way, you should contact Digicop IMMEDIATELY.

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DO NOT under any circumstances attempt to phone us using a phone (cell or landline) that you feel COULD BE COMPROMISED! To do so could “tip-off” your aggressor and help them avoid detection.

DO NOT under any circumstances send us an Email message from any computer, network, digital device or cellphone you feel COULD BE COMPROMISED! Again, to do so could “tip-off” your aggressor and help them avoid detection.

We recommend you fill out our “Get Started” form at the bottom of every page on this site. USE an EMAIL ADDRESS and PHONE NUMBER that you feel are safe from compromise.


The Federal and State laws governing electronic surveillance vary. Further, the “legal status” of your association or relationship to the party you may seek intelligence about – also varies what you can and cannot do legally. For example: what may be legal for a married person is quite different than a person in any other type of “relationship.”

The recording of computer or telecom data is also extremely strictly defined. Violations of these laws is the jurisdiction of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI). Our experts will help you COMPLY with all legal requirements for the specific surveillance or counter-surveillance services you may desire.

FAILURE to comply with applicable laws and regulations may result in both CRIMINAL and CIVIL liabilities. Many unpleasant divorce or relationship disputes are subject to UNLAWFUL surveillances. Our experts can assist you in protecting YOUR RIGHTS!

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