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Digicop is a uniquely talented organization to perform some unusual investigative and intelligence services. We offer a comprehensive package of driver monitoring services.

There are many parameters of vehicle monitoring to consider.

  • Sometimes vehicles are not supposed to be operating at all
  • Sometimes vehicles should be operating within a defined area
  • Sometimes vehicle mechanical problems require a quick response
  • Always, vehicles are supposed to be operating in a lawful and safe manner.

While these parameters are generally accurate – there are often special considerations. Below, we will discuss those special considerations.

Silver Alert Prevention

The ‘Silver Alert’ is a public notification system in the United States to broadcast information about missing persons – especially senior citizens with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or other mental disabilities – in order to aid in locating them. You may see their messages on Interstate highway electronic signs.

Our growing elderly population gives us a reason to support new programs to locate missing seniors. Approximately six in ten dementia victims will wander off at least once – often using their own car or that of their family. Statistics show that if not found within 24 hours, up to half of wandering seniors with dementia suffer serious injury or death.

Digicop offers the latest in tracking technology. We can also give you many prevention measures for protecting vehicles seniors may attempt to operate.

We can block the ignition of a vehicle in your garage or driveway to prevent the unsafe operation of the vehicle.

We can give you instant tracking from your cell phone to indicate the location, direction, speed and other operating factors about your vehicle if it is being driven by a “Silver Alert” senior.

We can even equip your vehicle with complete 2-way talk-back capabilities so you can speak to your loved one, encourage them to stop or guide them to a safe haven nearby.

Seniors with impairments deserve our protection. Their conditions are not within their control. The adage says, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

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Commercial Vehicle Monitoring

In the State of Florida, Digicop is not a licensed recovery agent. However, before it can be ‘recovered’ it has to be ‘located’ and our investigators are experts!

We have experience locating unusual assets all over the world. Whether art, antiques, automobiles, yachts or aircraft, Digicop wants to help you locate assets that have been stolen from you or assets being hidden from you.

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