Corporate Investigations

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Corporate Investigations

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Digicop provides diversified investigative and intelligence services custom-tailored to the client’s specific needs.

Digicop investigates threats to Intellectual property, employee theft and loss prevention, skip-tracing, insurance fraud, embezzlement, hacking, eavesdropping and countless other issues that merit our “top-shelf” investigative services.

We also provide a variety of commercial intelligence services for tracking brand activities, brand counterfeiting, business practices and recruitment. We provide commercial intelligence services for multi-level marketing (MLM) companies globally.

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Employee Theft

Employee theft is perhaps the most dangerous threat a business can suffer. When we, as employers, hire employees whom we trust, they are given access to items, products, and information that can hurt your company in the long run. Often times, Employee theft goes unnoticed until it’s too late.

If you suspect an employee is stealing from you, our team can collect the evidence necessary through the proper legal funnels. Defense attorneys can dismiss evidence collected by a company. Our job is to collect evidence that will holdup in court regardless of the defense.

Pre-Employment Investigations

As stated above, employee theft can cause serious damage to a company. As a first line of defense we recommend that you conduct a full and comprehensive background investigation on each and every one of your employees. Successful businesses start off by hiring the right people, our team helps you find the hidden red flags and make recommendations on the prospects by pointing out all the risks. The signs that we identify through our comprehensive background checks include:

  • Inconsistent work history
  • Work history across different sectors
  • Work history shows that employee jumps from company to company
  • Lack of professional references
  • Criminal records history
  • Employee hides prior employers

Employee Termination & Risk Management

Terminating an employee can be expensive – any HR Professional will tell you that. You must have reasons to terminate them, you must have a plan of action, and you need to take the proper termination precautions. Does said employee have access to confidential information? Can they harm the company in the future? Our professional investigators work with agencies across the United States to protect them during difficult and dangerous employee terminations.

Our team of investigators also offer risk management services to companies looking for an expert to assess the risk associated with employee terminations. We also offer a professional investigator to gather the appropriate evidence and documentation to legally terminate an employee. Additionally, our investigators can assist in the termination process by a stand against an employee and following through with the proper termination methods.

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