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Digicop doesn’t ‘re-brand’ ordinary database checks disguised a Comprehensive Background Investigations. We produce PROFESSIONAL background reports.

Our comprehensive background investigation services target our client’s requirements. We use multiple federal, state and local sources of records. Depending on your requirements, we can provide copies of court records and other documents, audio and video data, photographs, interviews and other ‘evidence-grade’ results.

We provide a unique assessment of a prospective employees “spying motives.” In our high-technology era, many employees are spies and moles for competitors. You don’t want to be a victim.

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What will can the background report include?

Our services are used by small businesses, attorneys, and corporations alike. We conduct the following investigation services:

Pre-Employment Investigations

Digicop performs a large volume of pre-employment verifications. You define your criteria. We meet it!

Depending on your state and other factors, we can include Criminal records, including Federal. When necessary, we can undertake foreign background checks virtually anywhere in the world.

As laws and regulations allow, we can report if the employee has any credit problems or has bankruptcies in their history. Employment Verification and Education Verification, etc.

A pre-employment verification is not only prudent, but it is crucial to safeguard your business and assets. We also discuss with you other factors that merit verification of prospective employees. We give you all the choices. We help you structure a reliable “follow-up” verification to see that your employees meet your standards.

Nationwide Criminal Investigations

Our nationwide criminal investigations start off online to find traces of our client’s subject. Once our subject has been identified, we conduct a physical record retrieval to verify the information we found through our online database checks.

Social Security Verification

While not necessarily important in most cases, a Social Security Verification will ensure your subject is who they say they are. A side result from conducting an SSV means that we can find if a person’s SS# has been used by other parties across the United States.

Asset Investigations

Asset investigations and Asset verification checks are conducted during divorce times, business merges, due diligence checks, civil lawsuits, and more. An asset investigation identifies different properties and assets owned by a subject.

Address History Verification

As the title implies, this type of investigation verifies the Subject of our investigation has lived in predetermined addresses. This type of investigation is primarily beneficial to landlords and renters.

Employment History Verification

An employment history verification confirms a persons history, experience, and jobs held across the United States.

Make sure you’re not hiring a “spy” from a competitor.

Education Verification

An excellent investigation that verifies if a subject was a student, graduate, or alumni of a college, university, or technical school.

This is extremely important in professions or positions requiring licenses or qualifying degrees.

Social Media Investigations

Social Media reveals more about the ‘real person’ of interest than perhaps any source. Typically, social media posts are spontaneous and unguarded.

Personality traits can be assessed from social media posting. Inconsistencies between resume and application statements are often detected in social media posts.

Information about the person, their personality, demeanor, character, attitudes, hobbies and associates and friends are much more available on social media than direct investigations could ever reveal.

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